6 Ways to Enjoy TV On-the-Go

Nền tảng BaccaratWatching TV on-the-go has never been easier. You no longer have to clear your evening plans to rush home and catch your favorite nighttime drama. Daytime soaps can be watched at any time of day. If you haven’t read spoilers, you can still be surprised a day later to find out which bachelor was chosen in your favorite reality TV dating show. Here are six popular ways to access your direct TV shows at any time of the day or night.


Nền tảng BaccaratWith DIRECTV, you can watch television in many different locations and on a variety of devices. Using a single HD DVR, you have recording capability from any room in your house. If you start watching a show in the living room and want to watch the rest in your bedroom, you have that option.

DIRECTV also allows you to use a cell phone, laptop or iPad to set up your DVR to record your shows. Use your iPad to browse a variety of shows and create a list of favorites while watching a show. If you don’t want to carry your iPad around, you can even watch commercial-free shows on your cell phone.

2. Hulu

Hulu.com offers a wide selection of television shows. Within 24 hours of airing, your TV show is posted for your enjoyment. Whether you watch Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelorette or The Dog Whisperer, you have access to your favorites free of charge.

Nền tảng BaccaratSimply plug in the name of your show on Hulu.com for easy access. If you’re in the mood to watch TV but aren’t sure what to watch, click on the “Most Popular” category to check out what others are enjoying. The “Recently Added” option is also helpful if you haven’t watched TV in a few days and want to catch up. Hulu isn’t commercial-free TV watching, but the commercials are much shorter than the average television variety. You often get to choose the type of commercial you want to watch.

Be sure to also check out Hulu’s movies. You’ll be surprised at the selection of free movies available. For access to more TV shows and movies, Hulu Plus is available for a small monthly fee. If you missed an entire season of a particular show, you can watch it on Hulu Plus.

3. YouTube

People don’t always think of when they want to watch TV, but this is a great option if you’re looking for clips of particular shows. You might not want to watch an entire rose ceremony on The BacheloretteNền tảng Baccarat, but do want to know which bachelor she chose at the end. With YouTube you can do a quick search for your particular show and quickly proceed to the desired section of your show with a commercial-free experience.

While searching on YouTube, you’ll also see a long list of other possible television show options. Related shows or sections of the show will be listed, which might appeal to you. Your favorite reality TV star may have been interviewed by Ellen or on The ViewNền tảng Baccarat, and conducting a YouTube search will lead you to clips of these shows.

Again, you don’t have to sit through entire episodes. Avid fans often record and post only the highlights. The commentary features on the clips are also fun if you’re deeply invested in a show.

4. Netflix

used to be known mainly for the movies that arrived in the mail. Now with the availability of instant streaming using an iPad, iPhone and a Windows phone, you can easily watch your shows as you’re waiting to pick up your children from school, standing in a long line at a store or relaxing on a beach.

Nền tảng BaccaratNetflix makes available thousands upon thousands of TV shows and movies instantly on your home TV using an Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and multiple streaming devices.

5. Abc.com

On ABC’s website, you’ll find a veritable treasure of television shows. Modern Family, Secret Millionaire, Private Practice and Lost are just a few of the popular shows available on abc.com. If you’ve missed your favorite show in the evening, you can download it the next morning. You can enjoy your shows during a lunch break at work or while sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a friend.

Nền tảng BaccaratABC also makes available message boards so that you can discuss your favorite TV shows. Reality TV stars often offer commentary on various shows. You also have access to deleted scenes from reality TV shows and can watch your favorite scenes repeatedly by hitting rewind as many times as you want.

6. CBS.com

CBS is another network worth an online visit. CSI, Big Brother and The Amazing Race are just a few of the many shows available for download on cbs.com. If you’re a daytime soap watcher, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful are easily accessible. Game shows, such as Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is RightNền tảng Baccarat, are also available for viewing.

CBS also makes available a long list of TV classics. The Brady Bunch, Happy Days and I Love Lucy are just a few of the oldies but goodies. If you love late-night talk shows but can’t stay up late, you can catch interviews with your favorite stars online the next day. You don’t have to lose sleep to watch The Late Show with David Letterman or The Late Late ShowNền tảng Baccarat with Craig Ferguson.


With numerous options to watch your favorite TV shows on-the-go, you can watch whatever you want whenever you’re in the mood and have the time—with unlimited freedom and no restrictions!